Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Widget: Elegant Widget Estilo Android for your iPhone/iPod touch

Hello iPhoniaticos, East is the Widget that the phones HTC use hero based in iVillain for Justflikwalk, personalized for eCAR and Spanish language added by me.

It does not change any icon or dock, only the widget adds to your blockade screen.
For defect, he adopts the fund of screen that you have but you can change it with a small modification in in widgetSettings.js and 'persoWallpaper.png' in the folder ‘Widget‘.


We need to install in our iPhone, these utilities from the Cydia. (You do not need sourc├ęs extra)

  • Lockscreen clock hide

To unload Widget:


We unload the file and decompress it in any place. Now we go to the modifications to the file widgetSettings.js:

First of all we open the folder that we have just decompressed.
Now we locate the file 'widgetSettings.js' give clic right and to 'modify' / edit:

There will open to us the publisher of text in which we can observe the following thing:

Since we can observe we have the following variables:

  • customWallpaper = false;//if we change the value of false to true the wallpaper will use 'persoWallpaper' that is in the folder 'widget'. If we leave it in false it uses the fund of screen that we are using in our iPhone/iPod.
  • useAM_PM = false;//if we change the value of false to true AM – PM will use the Hour format. Otherwise it uses the format of 24Hrs.
  • locale = ‘Culiacan, MX’;//here we change Culiacan the city where you are and MX into the abbreviation of your country.
    lang = IT 'IS';//IS = Spanish, IN = English, FR = French.
    celsius = true;//if we change to false it will use grades farenheit.
    source = 'appleAccuweatherStolen';//there is no need to modify.
    iconSet = ‘HTC1 ′;//there is no need to modify.
    iconExt = '.png’;//there is no need to modify.
    useRealFeel = false;
    updateInterval = 30/*minutos*/;//time interval to update the information of the climate.

Once modified we keep the changes:

Now we order the folder ‘Android Widget by eCAR.theme’ to the following route/private/var/stash/Themes. XXXXXX / by means of SSH. (I use Winscp).

Once done this is enough to activate it as if of a topic it was talking each other by means of Winterboard.

For better results it is recommended to install: LOCKSCREEN CLOCK HIDE from cydia to hide the original clock of the iPhone/iPod. Only you need to look for it in Cydia and to install it (it is free).

If everything went out well debits of having your iPhone/iPod with the completely functional Widget:

Only if someone is interested in I leave to them the wallpaper that I use:


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