Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tutor: To return from the Firm 3.1 to 3.0

Hello iPhoniatico if you could not resist or for error you updated to the Firmware 3.1 since here the solution to do a DownGrade

It works in the Iphone 2G and 3G

  • We enter to iTunes and Connect the iPhone route USB.
  • Extinguish the iPhone and put it in way DFU
  • iTunes he will recognize after you the Way DFU of your iPhone.
  • Click presses Option + in Restoring (MAC) or Shift+Restaurar (Windows)
  • He looks for the Firmware 3.0 and presses to Restore (it will give Us Error (1015), nothing happens, it is normal)
  • We unload one of these files

For Mac:

For Windows:

  • It decompresses iRecovery and opens the terminal in MAC or Comand Prompt in Windows and writes the following thing (in the terminal you must put yourself in the folder where you have discharged iRecovery): iRecovery-s
  • Once brought in in the recovery mode, he writes in the terminal: Fsboot
  • Once the iPhone has begun edges again that you can only do emergency calls so you have only to activate it and you already have again the Firmware 3.0 in your iPhone.


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