Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steal Machine on a Disc of Network

The reader Rafalinux has allowed me to publish an information that will help more of one, it is a question of time Machine on a Disc of Network. So I happen to leave his instructions.

I am using STEAL MACHINE on a disc of network of my servant linux, theoretically one cannot since it is necessary one STEALS CAPSULE or an AIRPORT and a disc connected for usb.
If someone has a Mac and does not know that it is this of the time MACHINE since that looks at it for itself that it is a marvel, it serves to do automatic copies of safety of the whole system.
Since it seems very expensive to me one STEALS CAPSULE for the use that I am going to give him since I started pulling google, I have seen that many people failed in the attempt and or it does not use STOLE MACHINE or it uses it for usb. Pulling google I found several pages where they tell to you how to do it, of entry the support of discs of network in time MACHINE is disconnected but it is possible to activate it with this command from the terminal (in applications – utilities)

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Also I found an application to connect and to disconnect the network discs in time MACHINE but to me I me do not work, if anybody wants to prove it his name is TM NETWORK DISK ENABLE.

Now when there is already activated the use of discs of network you mount it and if you want that it is mounted automatically in the beginning you go away to preferences – accounts – starter and drag the icon of the disc from the office, to the following beginning of meeting it will be mounted only.

Now in the panel of preferences of time MACHINE you the network disc will appear already and you can use it. When I have come to this step it begins the copy and after a little bit he says to me that it is not possible to mount the image, I keep on pulling google and think that it is a habitual problem but it has solution

It is necessary to do an image in the proper mac and later to put it on the network disc. To start we put a disc usb and use it with the time machine (you already will erase it then) and in the console you write:

ls - her/Volumes/TimeMachine where TimeMachine is the name of the disc usb

You will see a list of files and between them the secret one (it starts by a point) of the type:

. 001d4f49a564

To assure us of the name of our team we are doing very badly:


Now with the information that we have of the name of the team and of the secret file (that of the point) let's believe an image:

hdiutil one believe-size 90G-fs HFS+J-type SPARSEBUNDLE nombremac_numero.sparsebundle

We have to change nombremac for the name of our team and numero.sparsebundle for the name of the secret file, in my case it would be something like that:

hdiutil one believe-size 90G-fs HFS+J-type SPARSEBUNDLE MacBook-de-MACario_.0023df8eb450.sparsebundle

This creates a file to you of between 200 and 300 gentle ones that you will have to move to the network disc, later you can already use this disc for time MACHINE. I met the problem of that was giving me an error for the size of 90g that was remaining short, put him 190g and it works perfectly.

The Leopard works so much as in Snow Leopard.

(Route Maquecitos).

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