Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Positions that we must avoid when we work with laptops

A few days ago published in lifehacker a study of Core77 about the positions more common that at the time of working with portable computers can produce complications to us in different parts of the body.

Personally always I try to be employed at the office, nevertheless, occasionally go away to the bed or to some armchair with the laptop and yes, admit that I start being employed at positions that can be harmful, like someone of those who appear in the graph next:

Interesting the fact that the number 2, where we would be put to bed by the notebook a little raised on our legs, is the one that according to the study, supposedly does not cause many problems, but to the moment the neck begins hurting me.

Anyway, advisable friendly darlings, the fact is that we use the laptop in the office, sat as normally as possible, and the ideal thing, to have a good chair. For everything else there is the DormiLaptop, which would be a good late Christmas present for Code Geek.

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(Route Code Geek).

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