Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like creating staff personalized for Mail in Snow Leopard

mailstationery.png If you like the option of post office HTML across staff personalized in Mail, the client of mail of Mac OS X, but you would like personalizing to your taste the corresponding staff, you will only need a publisher of images and a publisher of text or in his case a publisher HTML as Dreamweaver or Block HTML and a little of creativity. The post office based on a staff offer a much more professional aspect. And if yours the code is not, we offer you up to 30 options that you can modify to create your staff personalized in a few minutes.

The first step

It sails up to the following folder: from the bookstore of the first level of the hard disk you have to come to: Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources. You will find a folder as this one:


Inside this folder you will be able to find 5 more folders with the names that appear in mail, but in Castilian. This is due to the fact that they are translated route the file DisplayName.strings.


To facilitate this tutor, the best thing is to choose one of the personalized plantilllas of Apple and to modify it to our taste. The files personalizables take the extension.mailstationery. The best thing is to copy one of them to the office to be able to work without problems with.

Now only you have to open the content of the bundle (click alternative with the mouse or touching control) and you will find a good heap of files, between them content.html that it is the file that we will have to edit to give format to our new staff.

If we concentrate on the code that Apple uses, the CSS is integrated in the document and not like call to an external document.

We can see the results of our personalización simply opening the document content.html in Safari or another navigator.

To create the previsualization

Once we have ended with the html, and have opened it in the navigator, we have only to do a pantallazo of the staff and it edit to obtain the previsualization with the name thumbnail.png with a size of 69×90 pixels. It is the previsualization that will appear in Mail when you select a staff.

Last steps

Now it is necessary only to open Description.plist in TextEdit to change the name of the staff. he looks as to half of text the following phrase:


And it modifies the name without changing the extension.mailstationery. He remembers that you have to be employed with this document at Text Edit in flat text and not in enriched format (RTF). He keeps and closes the file.

Then you have to modify the name in two more files, which are both in English.lproj and in Spanish.lproj: it opens a file called DisplayName.strings by the same name that you have put to the staff.

The moment to install

It closes all the folders. Now you have to place tu_nueva_plantilla.mailstationery in the same folder Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources/Stationery/Cont ents/Resources.

Now, on having created a new mail, it selects the staff, choose your new staff and put it in your favorites … there you will have her always available for your post office.

A pair of tricks

You can place images for the staff with absolute routes in Internet and be able to change them when we want in our servant, so that we will have control on as some images will appear or all the times are loaded.

For example, if you have a specific book-keeper for an image and we send a newsletter, we will be able to know the percentage of persons who have read our e-mail.


If yours the web design is not, you have the option to use an already created staff and to modify it to your taste changing 4 texts and changing the color and the aspect of the images. This 30 free staff compatible with Mail will allow you it realizes this task, since they include in addition to the code, a file of Photoshop (.psd) that exporting for Web (comando+opción+mayúsculas+S) will allow you to replace the images with defect for your new images set.

(Route faq-mac).

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