Saturday, March 13, 2010

It cheats to iTunes and uses your iPod/iPhone in several computers

Of all it is known that if it has the iPod or the iPhone connected to your computer, you puncture other and obtain a pretty message.

Sincerely, this is a jodienda. I understand the position of Apple, which does it to avoid it would pirate it. But also he should know that many we have more than one computer (several Macs, several PC or even PCs and Macs) and we would not like to be tied to this computer to puncture the iPod. But, fortunately, this has an easy solution, without installing programs nor to do actions tochas. It is necessary to do an action, but for nothing it is tocha.

We go to our user, to the folder of music, to folder iTunes and there we find the file iTunes Library.xml, that we will open it with the text publisher. If we use Windows, where we have this file (I do not use Windows, so I suppose that it will be in My Music). On having opened it, we will find a such thing that this way:

itunes xml The trick is the following one: this sausage of numbers and letters that are highlighted, we copy it and give it in the same file of the different computers, so that for all the computers in which let's want to puncture the iPod, this text is the same.

We close iTunes and open it again and mission acomplished, can synchronize our iPod/iPhone in all these computers.


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