Thursday, March 11, 2010

The (free) Kingdom of the Typographies

I read in Tech Crunch an interesting summary of sites related to typography, to the common denominator of the cost-free status.

Where to discharge, to create, to look and to identify sources even from your iPhone.

myFontbook online font viewer and manager

BetterFonts online font was dated

FFonts to world of fonts out there that is just waiting for exploration

FontSt ruct font-building tool and publisher

Fawnt one of the largest free fonts file

Myfonts world's largest font was dating &รก WhatTheFont font finder in the picture you uploaded

FontGenie (for iPhone) displays all available fonts on your iPhone

Fontcapture creates to font with your own handwriting

Abstract Fonts another font directory, but it is to very convenient interface

Typekit, to new font publisher will offer designers resides control over fonts on the web

(Route AppleTalk).

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