Saturday, March 13, 2010

It cheats to iTunes and uses your iPod/iPhone in several computers

Of all it is known that if it has the iPod or the iPhone connected to your computer, you puncture other and obtain a pretty message.

Sincerely, this is a jodienda. I understand the position of Apple, which does it to avoid it would pirate it. But also he should know that many we have more than one computer (several Macs, several PC or even PCs and Macs) and we would not like to be tied to this computer to puncture the iPod. But, fortunately, this has an easy solution, without installing programs nor to do actions tochas. It is necessary to do an action, but for nothing it is tocha.

We go to our user, to the folder of music, to folder iTunes and there we find the file iTunes Library.xml, that we will open it with the text publisher. If we use Windows, where we have this file (I do not use Windows, so I suppose that it will be in My Music). On having opened it, we will find a such thing that this way:

itunes xml The trick is the following one: this sausage of numbers and letters that are highlighted, we copy it and give it in the same file of the different computers, so that for all the computers in which let's want to puncture the iPod, this text is the same.

We close iTunes and open it again and mission acomplished, can synchronize our iPod/iPhone in all these computers.


Tutor: To return from the Firm 3.1 to 3.0

Hello iPhoniatico if you could not resist or for error you updated to the Firmware 3.1 since here the solution to do a DownGrade

It works in the Iphone 2G and 3G

  • We enter to iTunes and Connect the iPhone route USB.
  • Extinguish the iPhone and put it in way DFU
  • iTunes he will recognize after you the Way DFU of your iPhone.
  • Click presses Option + in Restoring (MAC) or Shift+Restaurar (Windows)
  • He looks for the Firmware 3.0 and presses to Restore (it will give Us Error (1015), nothing happens, it is normal)
  • We unload one of these files

For Mac:

For Windows:

  • It decompresses iRecovery and opens the terminal in MAC or Comand Prompt in Windows and writes the following thing (in the terminal you must put yourself in the folder where you have discharged iRecovery): iRecovery-s
  • Once brought in in the recovery mode, he writes in the terminal: Fsboot
  • Once the iPhone has begun edges again that you can only do emergency calls so you have only to activate it and you already have again the Firmware 3.0 in your iPhone.


PwnageTool is already free for iPhone YOU 3.1

iphonejailbreak_270x445 We already have news about the Dev-Team on the new iPhone YOU 3.1 that we have available for either a few days. The case is that yesterday in the night the Dev-Team published the tool PwnageTool for jailbreak and unlock of the new iPhone YOU 3.1 to the following devices:

  • iPhone 2G (EDGE Classic)
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPod Touch 1G (Of the first ones)

If you possess another device that is not in the list, he will have you to hope for a pair of days, which is what they say to estimate to have the new one available redSn0w.

All this information, along with the steps of installation and the linkage of discharge, you will be able to find it in the official blog of the Dev-Team.

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Friday, March 12, 2010

It eliminates the password of the iPhone with RMPassword

It eliminates the password of the iPhone with RMPassword:“
If for some reason you forget the code to unblock the iPhone you can use RMPassword, this application is only available in Mac and eliminates the password in seconds.

To be able to do this you have to have the Jailbreak, have the OpenSSH installed and to be connected to the same wifi as the Mac, once have this it is necessary only to introduce the IP of the iPhone and to give to the button ‘Remove Password!’, this way of easy.

I dress in | Actuality iPhone
More Information | iBlogeek This entry is original of MacVisions.NET

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

The (free) Kingdom of the Typographies

I read in Tech Crunch an interesting summary of sites related to typography, to the common denominator of the cost-free status.

Where to discharge, to create, to look and to identify sources even from your iPhone.

myFontbook online font viewer and manager

BetterFonts online font was dated

FFonts to world of fonts out there that is just waiting for exploration

FontSt ruct font-building tool and publisher

Fawnt one of the largest free fonts file

Myfonts world's largest font was dating &á WhatTheFont font finder in the picture you uploaded

FontGenie (for iPhone) displays all available fonts on your iPhone

Fontcapture creates to font with your own handwriting

Abstract Fonts another font directory, but it is to very convenient interface

Typekit, to new font publisher will offer designers resides control over fonts on the web

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Like creating staff personalized for Mail in Snow Leopard

mailstationery.png If you like the option of post office HTML across staff personalized in Mail, the client of mail of Mac OS X, but you would like personalizing to your taste the corresponding staff, you will only need a publisher of images and a publisher of text or in his case a publisher HTML as Dreamweaver or Block HTML and a little of creativity. The post office based on a staff offer a much more professional aspect. And if yours the code is not, we offer you up to 30 options that you can modify to create your staff personalized in a few minutes.

The first step

It sails up to the following folder: from the bookstore of the first level of the hard disk you have to come to: Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources. You will find a folder as this one:


Inside this folder you will be able to find 5 more folders with the names that appear in mail, but in Castilian. This is due to the fact that they are translated route the file DisplayName.strings.


To facilitate this tutor, the best thing is to choose one of the personalized plantilllas of Apple and to modify it to our taste. The files personalizables take the extension.mailstationery. The best thing is to copy one of them to the office to be able to work without problems with.

Now only you have to open the content of the bundle (click alternative with the mouse or touching control) and you will find a good heap of files, between them content.html that it is the file that we will have to edit to give format to our new staff.

If we concentrate on the code that Apple uses, the CSS is integrated in the document and not like call to an external document.

We can see the results of our personalización simply opening the document content.html in Safari or another navigator.

To create the previsualization

Once we have ended with the html, and have opened it in the navigator, we have only to do a pantallazo of the staff and it edit to obtain the previsualization with the name thumbnail.png with a size of 69×90 pixels. It is the previsualization that will appear in Mail when you select a staff.

Last steps

Now it is necessary only to open Description.plist in TextEdit to change the name of the staff. he looks as to half of text the following phrase:


And it modifies the name without changing the extension.mailstationery. He remembers that you have to be employed with this document at Text Edit in flat text and not in enriched format (RTF). He keeps and closes the file.

Then you have to modify the name in two more files, which are both in English.lproj and in Spanish.lproj: it opens a file called DisplayName.strings by the same name that you have put to the staff.

The moment to install

It closes all the folders. Now you have to place tu_nueva_plantilla.mailstationery in the same folder Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources/Stationery/Cont ents/Resources.

Now, on having created a new mail, it selects the staff, choose your new staff and put it in your favorites … there you will have her always available for your post office.

A pair of tricks

You can place images for the staff with absolute routes in Internet and be able to change them when we want in our servant, so that we will have control on as some images will appear or all the times are loaded.

For example, if you have a specific book-keeper for an image and we send a newsletter, we will be able to know the percentage of persons who have read our e-mail.


If yours the web design is not, you have the option to use an already created staff and to modify it to your taste changing 4 texts and changing the color and the aspect of the images. This 30 free staff compatible with Mail will allow you it realizes this task, since they include in addition to the code, a file of Photoshop (.psd) that exporting for Web (comando+opción+mayúsculas+S) will allow you to replace the images with defect for your new images set.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Widget: Elegant Widget Estilo Android for your iPhone/iPod touch

Hello iPhoniaticos, East is the Widget that the phones HTC use hero based in iVillain for Justflikwalk, personalized for eCAR and Spanish language added by me.

It does not change any icon or dock, only the widget adds to your blockade screen.
For defect, he adopts the fund of screen that you have but you can change it with a small modification in in widgetSettings.js and 'persoWallpaper.png' in the folder ‘Widget‘.


We need to install in our iPhone, these utilities from the Cydia. (You do not need sourcés extra)

  • Lockscreen clock hide

To unload Widget:


We unload the file and decompress it in any place. Now we go to the modifications to the file widgetSettings.js:

First of all we open the folder that we have just decompressed.
Now we locate the file 'widgetSettings.js' give clic right and to 'modify' / edit:

There will open to us the publisher of text in which we can observe the following thing:

Since we can observe we have the following variables:

  • customWallpaper = false;//if we change the value of false to true the wallpaper will use 'persoWallpaper' that is in the folder 'widget'. If we leave it in false it uses the fund of screen that we are using in our iPhone/iPod.
  • useAM_PM = false;//if we change the value of false to true AM – PM will use the Hour format. Otherwise it uses the format of 24Hrs.
  • locale = ‘Culiacan, MX’;//here we change Culiacan the city where you are and MX into the abbreviation of your country.
    lang = IT 'IS';//IS = Spanish, IN = English, FR = French.
    celsius = true;//if we change to false it will use grades farenheit.
    source = 'appleAccuweatherStolen';//there is no need to modify.
    iconSet = ‘HTC1 ′;//there is no need to modify.
    iconExt = '.png’;//there is no need to modify.
    useRealFeel = false;
    updateInterval = 30/*minutos*/;//time interval to update the information of the climate.

Once modified we keep the changes:

Now we order the folder ‘Android Widget by eCAR.theme’ to the following route/private/var/stash/Themes. XXXXXX / by means of SSH. (I use Winscp).

Once done this is enough to activate it as if of a topic it was talking each other by means of Winterboard.

For better results it is recommended to install: LOCKSCREEN CLOCK HIDE from cydia to hide the original clock of the iPhone/iPod. Only you need to look for it in Cydia and to install it (it is free).

If everything went out well debits of having your iPhone/iPod with the completely functional Widget:

Only if someone is interested in I leave to them the wallpaper that I use:


Steal Machine on a Disc of Network

The reader Rafalinux has allowed me to publish an information that will help more of one, it is a question of time Machine on a Disc of Network. So I happen to leave his instructions.

I am using STEAL MACHINE on a disc of network of my servant linux, theoretically one cannot since it is necessary one STEALS CAPSULE or an AIRPORT and a disc connected for usb.
If someone has a Mac and does not know that it is this of the time MACHINE since that looks at it for itself that it is a marvel, it serves to do automatic copies of safety of the whole system.
Since it seems very expensive to me one STEALS CAPSULE for the use that I am going to give him since I started pulling google, I have seen that many people failed in the attempt and or it does not use STOLE MACHINE or it uses it for usb. Pulling google I found several pages where they tell to you how to do it, of entry the support of discs of network in time MACHINE is disconnected but it is possible to activate it with this command from the terminal (in applications – utilities)

defaults write TMShowUnsupportedNetworkVolumes 1

Also I found an application to connect and to disconnect the network discs in time MACHINE but to me I me do not work, if anybody wants to prove it his name is TM NETWORK DISK ENABLE.

Now when there is already activated the use of discs of network you mount it and if you want that it is mounted automatically in the beginning you go away to preferences – accounts – starter and drag the icon of the disc from the office, to the following beginning of meeting it will be mounted only.

Now in the panel of preferences of time MACHINE you the network disc will appear already and you can use it. When I have come to this step it begins the copy and after a little bit he says to me that it is not possible to mount the image, I keep on pulling google and think that it is a habitual problem but it has solution

It is necessary to do an image in the proper mac and later to put it on the network disc. To start we put a disc usb and use it with the time machine (you already will erase it then) and in the console you write:

ls - her/Volumes/TimeMachine where TimeMachine is the name of the disc usb

You will see a list of files and between them the secret one (it starts by a point) of the type:

. 001d4f49a564

To assure us of the name of our team we are doing very badly:


Now with the information that we have of the name of the team and of the secret file (that of the point) let's believe an image:

hdiutil one believe-size 90G-fs HFS+J-type SPARSEBUNDLE nombremac_numero.sparsebundle

We have to change nombremac for the name of our team and numero.sparsebundle for the name of the secret file, in my case it would be something like that:

hdiutil one believe-size 90G-fs HFS+J-type SPARSEBUNDLE MacBook-de-MACario_.0023df8eb450.sparsebundle

This creates a file to you of between 200 and 300 gentle ones that you will have to move to the network disc, later you can already use this disc for time MACHINE. I met the problem of that was giving me an error for the size of 90g that was remaining short, put him 190g and it works perfectly.

The Leopard works so much as in Snow Leopard.

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Positions that we must avoid when we work with laptops

A few days ago published in lifehacker a study of Core77 about the positions more common that at the time of working with portable computers can produce complications to us in different parts of the body.

Personally always I try to be employed at the office, nevertheless, occasionally go away to the bed or to some armchair with the laptop and yes, admit that I start being employed at positions that can be harmful, like someone of those who appear in the graph next:

Interesting the fact that the number 2, where we would be put to bed by the notebook a little raised on our legs, is the one that according to the study, supposedly does not cause many problems, but to the moment the neck begins hurting me.

Anyway, advisable friendly darlings, the fact is that we use the laptop in the office, sat as normally as possible, and the ideal thing, to have a good chair. For everything else there is the DormiLaptop, which would be a good late Christmas present for Code Geek.

More in Core77

Route | lifehacker

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The best of 2009: to install Snow Leopard from a hard disk

mac-os-x-snow-leopard-icon.jpg If you have many copies of Snow leopard to be installed (for example, an academy, a university or you have bought the Family Pack), instead of used the optical unit, which is terribly slow for these things, you can prepare an external hard disk with an installation of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard so that everything goes more rapid and fluid. You do not need any additional, alone software the discs Utility, and can prepare it even in a Mac with PPC and under Leopard.

A simple step

It opens the utility of discs that you have in Applications> Utilities and there selects the DVD Mac OS X Install DVD in the side bar of the left. Click in Restoring.

It chooses like origin the DVD of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: it drag on the field origin.

In the field I destine, it drags the pertinent portable hard disk (in our case, Travel Kirk). You can choose to erase the destination disc, but if you do not mark it, the information that you have on the disc will remain unaltered and will not resign.



You a progress bar will appear indicating how long absence so that the copy of the DVD should be realized.

Once finished, you connect this hard disk to a Mac and you can already continue any of the processes of installation about which we speak in Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard: Installing

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